Журнал Scrapbook Trends November 2012


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Щоденне життя;
Челендж – улюблена техніка;
День подяки;

It’s a great time of year to be reminded to stop and think about those things we are most grateful for, so this month we’ve gathered up lots of layouts to celebrate the things in your life that you love! Celebrate the ordinary and scrapbook your daily schedule with us. Or be inspired by some of our favorite ways to work journaling into your scrapbooking. Come see how Kim Jeffress uses her personal style in our Award Winning Style section to show off pictures of her son. Join us for Real Life: Holiday Traditions, where you share the celebrations and activities you look forward to every year! November is the time to give thanks, and after seeing Melissa Mann’s beautiful album celebrating five things she’s thankful for in our One Amazing Album section, we’re sure you’ll want to create your own! And you don’t want to miss Wendy Sue Anderson in this month’s How to: Charms as she shares a selection of layouts that feature five unique ways to add charms to your pages and projects. Plus, you’ll definitely be in the spirit of giving thanks with our inspiring Thanksgiving Cards section. Here’s wishing you a month full of things to be thankful for!


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