Журнал Scrapbook Trends October 2012


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В середині цього випуску ви знайдете роботи на такі теми:

Stamping (Штампування)
Banners & Pennants (Банери та Прапорці)
Halloween (Хелловін)
Challenge: Chevron (Челлендж: Шеврон або зигзаг)
2 Page Layouts (Розвороти або повдійні сторінки)
Birthday (День Народження)
Showcase (Галерея натхнення)

The October issue of Scrapbook Trends is filled with beautifully inspired layouts. October isn’t complete without a celebration of Halloween, so don’t miss the great ideas we’ve included for documenting this year’s festivities. You’ve asked for more two-page layouts, so that’s what we’re bringing you in this issue! This month’s Award Winning Style showcases Naomi Atkin in a special layout celebrating her daughter’s first birthday. In Real Life: Boo to You!, we’ve gathered some fun and spooky Halloween layouts that are sure to get you excited about the holiday season. Come learn all about a beautiful and absolutely inspiring Halloween album Wendy Morris created to give to a dear friend in this month’s One Amazing Album section. Join Wendy Sue Anderson in How to: Silhouettes for a handful of exciting ways to make and add silhouettes to your layouts. Get a copy today!

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